Want something different? Take a BrainSmart approach.

Prepare for VUCA-type challenges

(Volatile. Uncertain. Chaotic. Ambiguous.)

  • Know and use your strengths when results matter most.
  • Build 'Smart' skills to go beyond limiting habits in tough situations.
  • Continually grow to meet new challenges.
  • Thrive and enjoy these dynamic times!

Why we all need it

Economists predict that our dynamic times - with its ongoing accelerated change and high uncertainty - will continue for the next 30 years. We need to build new skills and greater mindful resilience so we can see new opportunities as they appear.

Advances in technology reveal that BrainSmart Coaching promotes positive change and transformation, right down at a neural level. This is a powerful force in promoting smart habits to help you navigate in stressful situations.

Choose to meet the exciting challenges of today and prepare for a great tomorrow!

Our THORT gurus sift through this avalanche of techno-talk and then we create metaphors or concept maps of the key elements to make it easily accessible and memorable – so that you can to you to use in the simplest and most effective way.

join us for the 7-day THORT S-T-R-E-A-C-H!

  Focus your mind

to re-design your brain

to build excellent performance in the world!

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Join us at THORTspace for a brain-smart workout,

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a challenging dilemma.

Brain-Smart Coaching Zone

What we do

  • We identify your unique THORT Brain-Smart Signature in context.
  • We use global tools and strategies to build insights and vision.
  • We help you build more useful habits in a recurring challenge.
  • All this, so you can make Smart choices in the situation,
  • - which you can then apply with an agile mindset,
  • - and successfully navigate in uncertainty,
  • - to achieve new levels of success.


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